New Class Commencement: 16th April 2019

A new Elementary 1 class will commence on Tuesday, 16th April 2019. Lessons are twice a week, on Tuesdays (7.30pm – 9.30pm) and Thursdays (7.30pm – 9.30pm). Please refer to our FAQ for general course details and related information.

6 thoughts on “New Class Commencement: 16th April 2019

  1. Samantha Poh

    Hi! Im interested to join the Japanese Classes but i might missed for the first class. May i know is there any alternative?

    1. admin Post author

      It’s fine if you just miss the first few classes, but if too many you might have problem catching up. The alternative is to wait for the next intake.

  2. Sunny

    I had enrolled myself in the elementary level 1, 3 years ago, is that okay that I continue and direct register for elementary 2 class?
    or I have to start over again with elementary 1?



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