About PJLS

This society was founded on the idea that Malaysians with an interest in Japan and the Japanese language should have a place to fulfill their desire to learn. In April 1982, the Penang Japanese Language Society was formally recognized as an organization, and the permission for the Society to open its doors was granted by the Registrar of Societies‚

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    1. pjlsadministrator

      Thank you for your interest in our classes. Please refer to our posting on the new Elementary 1 class starting 9th August 2016. For general course information, please refer to our FAQ or call up our centre during our opening hours for more information.


  1. Bartholomew Ong

    Hello there!

    I would like to ask whether the Conversation Class is still available?

    I have obtained JPLT N3 3 years ago and would like to brush up my conversation and listening.

    May I also know are the teachers native Japanese or local who were staying in Japan last time?



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