Announcement Regarding Policy on online classes

Dear members and followers of the Penang Japanese Language Society: in response to inquiries about online classes by our students, we would like to provide guidance regarding our current policy:

Teachers who were holding classes that were suspended as a result of the MCO are permitted to conduct online classes to finish the syllabus with following conditions:

  • 100% of all students attending that specific intake have mutually agreed in writing or electronic communications to continue classes online.
  • The teacher conducting the class shall be responsible for taking attendance, and must report accordingly to the Society.
  • Teachers and students are allowed to use any online platform that is mutually agreed upon. Reasonable precautions should be taken by both teachers and students to ensure the platform chosen provides adequate data privacy and security for all the users involved. The Society shall not be held liable for any breaches that occur as a result of usage of the said platform.
  • Both teachers and students must be adequately proficient in the usage of their chosen online platform to ensure lessons are conducted without interruption. Common online etiquette should be adhered to allow for a smooth experience.
  • For students of ongoing intakes, please contact your teachers for further details.

Regarding new intakes:

Until government regulations specifically allow for the education sector to commence physical operations, there will be no new intakes, whether physically or online. This decision was made in consideration for the logistics involved in setting up a new class.

6 thoughts on “Announcement Regarding Policy on online classes

  1. Tan Pei Ying

    Hi, I don’t have my teacher’s phone number and I don’t have any of my classmate’s number as well. I’m from Elementary 1 , Monday and Wednesday class 7:30-9:30pm, could you check if they’re having any online classes or provide me teacher’s number? Or the teacher will contact us one by one if he’s ever going to conduct an online class? Thanks

    1. admin Post author

      Based on your description, it appears you registered for Alan Gan sensei’s class. Please wait until CMCO is lifted. The announcement is more relevant to classes that have gone quite a bit into the syllabus already or are close to finishing.

  2. Emily

    Hi, there! May I know Foong sensei’s class (Elementary 2) will be conducted online too? When it is going to start online? will we be contacted regarding the online class?
    thank you!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Emily, Foong sensei has no intention of opening an online class. However, we are in the midst of preparing to reopen our premises for regular classes. Foong sensei will resume his classes once we have ensured PJLS is compliant to social distancing protocols outlined by the government.

  3. Chai Ming Yee

    Hi, I suppose to be elementary 1 , Tuesday and Thursday night classes. May I knw whats the update? I tried to call the center but no one answered

    1. admin Post author

      As far as we can tell your sensei did not indicate any plans to conduct online classes. Anyway, we are already preparing to resume normal classes. Please wait for our announcement in the near future.


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