Announcement of PJLS policy relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 12th March 2020

The Penang Japanese Language Society is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and evaluating the latest recommendations for public health officials. Our aim is to ensure we take thoughtful and measured actions that will keep our members and students safe while minimizing disruption to our activities. The following are our recommendations and guidelines for conducting business and attending lessons at PJLS:

  1. If you are feeling unwell and have any flu-like symptoms, please put on an appropriate face mask and go see a doctor. Please do not come to class. Take adequate rest and follow medical advice.
  2. If you, or someone in close contact to you has been placed on mandatory or voluntary self quarantine / isolation orders by the authorities or an employer, please refrain from coming to class for a minimum of 14 days from the start date of self quarantine.
  3. Please take appropriate self hygiene measures at all times, including washing hands thoroughly and frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after touching common surfaces. Alternatively, please use alcohol based hand sanitizers.
  4. If you have traveled to a known COVID hotspot in the recent past, e.g., Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Italy etc., please refrain from coming to class for a minimum of 14 days from arriving back in Malaysia
  5. Please refer to official / credible sources of the latest information and recommendations on what to do. A good place to start would be the Ministry of Health. Facebook and Social Media are NOT appropriate sources of medical advice.
  6. Please DO NOT circulate unsubstantiated rumours, quack cures and news of dubious origin relating to COVID-19 that you receive. You could cause panic or unintentionally harm someone with bad advice.
  7. Lastly please do not steal our toilet rolls 🙂

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  1. Lee Boonjin

    I want to learn Japanese and register it now I Don know what date reopening and I want to know how much money too


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