The PJLS Committee 2015-2016


Cheng Ah See

Deputy President

Kong Shih Hao

Vice Presidents

Chen Yann Ni

Sim Chiew Hoon

Foong Kok Wah


Chong Hai Yong

Assistant Secretaries

Yick Pek Guan

Khor Siew Eng


Ng Kam Ling

Assistant Treasurer

Wong Mei Yang

Committee Members

Ooi Wei Nien

Wee Wen Ting

Tan Chu Hoon

Lee Chong Beng

Lim Khee Seong

Leng Wei Chun

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    1. admin

      That’s nice. We have a class starting on the 25th of February. You can register for that one if you like. Please refer to our FAQ if you require additional details.


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